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Outsourced Support


Suitable for small webhosting companies, shared support plan is powered by our qualified level3 engineers who offer support via live chat and ticket support. Our shared technical support engineer works on maximum of 4 shared projects simultaneously during his shift. With shared support plan, we offer a guaranteed ticket response time of 1hour, 30 minutes and a resolution time of 6 hours. Shared support plan is available in terms of per shift and / or 24/7 schedule as follows:

Shared Support Plan 1 for $400 / month

With our shared support plan 1, our shared support engineer will work on level1, level2 and level3 issues (via live chat or ticket system) for 8 hours a day, 7 days a The plan includes guaranteed ticket response time of 1hour, 30 minutes and a resolution time of 6 hours.


Shared Support Plan 24/7 for $1000 / month

With 24/7 shared support plan, our shared level3 engineers will work round the clock 24/7 solving your live chat and ticket requests with a guaranteed ticket response time of 1hour, 30 minutes and a resolution time of 6 hours.


Wiztelsys, is a tried and proven outsource help-desk support solution that provides you a full team of knowledgeable Server Administrators.  Our highly trained Server Administrators have years of experience in web hosting and we specialize in Cpanel, WHMCS, Kayako, Plesk, Ubersmith, and all flavors of Linux.  We focus our efforts on providing the best possible outsourced support solution to your clients under your brand to ensure professionalism. Though human brain is considered to be good at multitasking research has proven it is best utilised when focussed on a single job. So if you need someone working dedicatedly for you then you won't need to look beyond our " Offshore Dedicated Staffing Plan" wherein we would provide you with a dedicated tech stationed at our office. This dedicated tech will just work for your company. You can personally have an interaction with him via IM. These technicians work on help desk as well as live chat support.

We provide you

  • 24 / 7 / 365 Support - Our support staff is always available for all your client's support needs any time of the day or night.
  • 24/7 Live Support Response / Resolution Time Guarantee - We provide a response time of less than 60 minutes (normally 30 minutes) and average resolution time of 2 hours - Resonse / Resolution Time is based on workload & urgency of issue..
  • Transparency - Fully Transparent to your clients. We will be using your own helpdesk System to answer support questions / queries. The client will not know that you are outsourcing hosting support.
  • Savings of $$$ - Our outsource hosting support is cheaper than hiring a permanent staff, which will save you on salary, training, benefits and other expenses, which will give you more time to market your services.
  • Adaptability - Our staff will learn your support patterns, products and services. Once you sign up, we will take the time to thoroughly study your plans, services and support techniques. This will enable us to know what you offer and how you relate to your clients.


Our Server Monitoring service allows us to keep a close eye on your hosting servers.  We can minimize downtime and identify areas of need quickly and correct them efficiently.  If you have a Level 1 Support package with us, the cost is only $25 per month per server!  We have a robust cluster of servers that utilize a customized Nagios monitoring application from various geographical locations.  This service allows us to monitor servers, services, and any other web based device.  Our highly trained technicians monitor the system for alerts 24×7, 365 days a year to ensure a rapid response to service related issues.  If a service is down we will action the alerts to restore access and if the entire server or device is offline we will contact your Data Center to request a reboot on your behalf.

Discounted Monitor Pricing For Support Clients

Servers Pricing  
1 – 20 Servers $25 per month per server
21+ Servers $20 per month per server


Server Monitor Pricing Without Outsourced Support

Servers Pricing  
5 – 10 Servers $50 per month per server
11 – 20 Servers $45 per month per server
21+ Servers $40 per month per server

Level 2 Support

While Our Level 1 support encompasses nearly all of the Level 1 and 2 of other support companies, some items are still classified as billable work. If you have a custom job that needs doing we can help you schedule the time and staff to make major corrections, migrate your clients to new hosting platforms, or upgrade modules and components. Please contact your Account Manager or our Sales team to discuss the costs of particular jobs.

  • Flat Rate Tier 2 Billable work – $75 per hour of work
  • Free Quotes and Estimates on Billable Work